Purity Policy #Reposted

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Stop and reflect.
Look at your ways.
Things of sometimes to always.

Who you are now
And who you need to be.
Some things are not as you see

Is this right?
Don’t dare lie to yourself
The choice isn’t left for itself

If you knew not,
Isn’t God biding for your plea?
Foolish or choose wisely.

Behold and be aware.
God knows and sees you.
He knows even before you do.

Hold on. Observe.
Your body is the temple
You want not be doomed to rubble.

Cease for the Name.
God’s grace isn’t for your selfish gain
Apologies to change, not remain.

Stay on guard.
Devil pries on His people.
Strikes on you vulnerable.

Refocus and commit.
Don’t promise if isn’t true.
It’s for no one but you.

From time to time
Stop and reflect.
See to to it checked.

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