#Random Thought: Refocus

Often do we hate people or dislike them for no apparent reason. Well it is normal. I guess we humans are alike in this case. Though, there are people we hate or dislike for A REASON.

We often than not find ourselves saying, “Huh, I will never be like her, she’s such a liar,” or “When I grow up, I swear I’ll never make the same mistake this guy did…” After saying such, we tend to focus on the things we don’t like to become, rather than the things we want to become.

In the end, we have become the product of the things we hate. 

So why did I entitle this random thought “Refocus”…? Well it’s simple. Most, not all, people tend to think and say “I wont become like…” or phrases similar to that. Thing is, that will only make you focus on what not to become than what to become. But in fact it is the things that we want to become that we must think of.

For our thoughts become our words. Words, our habits. Habits, our values. Values, our destiny.

(Paraphrased quote by Mahatma Gandhi.)



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