Life’s Meant to be Enjoyed

One piece of lamb, one piece of bacon, rice, broccoli and cauliflower may seem like a simple meal. Well, it actually is, but the story behind it, not so much.

I was hungry. I was waiting for the lamb to be cooked. My sister said it would take ten more minutes, so I decided to talk to dad. I went up to the master’s room and we, Dad and I, started conversing at around 1:42pm and ended at 2:35pm. After the talk, I lost my appetite.

Well, there were things that Dad and I talked about that were really serious, and it lead me into thinking all the more. Eventually, I only afforded a moment of thinking, for Dad invited me to eat lunch with him downstairs. I went down, washed my hands, and sat on a chair. I got broccoli and cauliflower, rice, one piece of lamb, and a piece of bacon. I sat silently looking at my food. I then closed my eyes, and said a quick word of prayer.

After doing so, I started eating. I ate my veggies first. Then the lamb, which I ate slowly. I treasured the moment. “The lamb never tasted this good before,” I thought quietly. It slightly had a milky taste, with a touch of spiciness due to the pepper, and its saltiness was just right. Same went with the bacon. It never tasted that crunchy, and salty, and the rice was just balancing its saltiness too.

Later did I notice that my plate was empty, and I was full. I thought to myself, what if I was in a hurry, and ate everything so fast? Would I have enjoyed it the same way I had enjoyed it that moment?

Thing is, more often than not, we are always in a hurry. We tend to swallow things fast, not taking time to chew and process it, eventually choking ourselves with the situation we get ourselves into.

Friends, we have to slow down. Time is actually in our hands, and we got to make the most out of it, and if possible, regretting nothing. In the talk I had with Dad earlier that afternoon, he told me I must not hurry. In fact, I must enjoy life. I shouldn’t rush things, instead make the most out of every blessing given to us.

My friends, in whatever field you’re at, be the best you can be, and let no one stop you from giving your all to Him and for Him.

Take a moment to slow down, but still journey, and enjoy life. 🙂





~ January 15, 2015- Thursday ~

Pictures taken from:—cauliflower


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