#Reposted: The Table-talks

#Reposted: The Table-talks

Something a family, together, must look forward to. Truth is, not all families stay together ’till the end, and probably it’s because of the lack of communication. Children turn back on their parents for their parents try to understand them but fail to do so, because they seem to not have put their time into it. . . I really don’t know but, I strongly believe that time plays an important role in relationships…

I mean, think about it… 🙂

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The food tastes better with company, people may say. Others may say, food is a remedy for the lonely. Both may be true to many, and I myself may also agree. The food we eat is the delight savor. It is very sensual that may tickle our fancy and even our fantasies. Memories are reminisced; ideas are amplified; moods are kindled or enlightened; conversations are more natural, enjoyed, personal (possibly in depth) and interactive–food integrated with our social activities, enforces the appeal. Dining with good food and good friends or families is a beautiful mix of delight and relations. Food may go beyond just sustenance and scheduled meals of the day. Like popcorn is made for movies, and fastfood for the hasty, food is the moment’s aide which makes occasions more worthwhile.

In this case, the family dinner is essential for the enforcement of the family bond. It is…

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