Betrayal Happens

The motion that I chose was: “The benefits of dictatorship outweigh democracy’s”.

First of all everything that happened in the Animal Farm was based on how it was ran. If it was ran in a different way, most likely there would be a different plot. Why say? Imagine if it was ran by communism, the way that it should’ve been ran. I believe that the resolution of the story, though very upsetting in some parts, will be a good finish, unlike the last part when the animals can see the resemblance between pigs and humans, how they can’t even distinguish who’s who (Chapter 10, page 141, last paragraph).

Obviously, dictatorship in the book wasn’t being ran properly because the results were not good as it should have been. Yes, either way dictatorship and democracy can result into something good if it was ran properly, and to be more specific, if the heart of the leader is true and pure. Dictatorship has its own pros and cons, and same goes with democracy. Though instead of a dream come true, it turned into a nightmare for all animals, for they may not be slaves of humans any longer, but the worse fact was, they were the slaves of their own kind (but of course it was a dream come true for the pigs). We would notice that starting from chapter 6 (page 67, 3rd paragraph), when Napoleon and Squealer started changing some rules, for those new rules were revised to fit the desires of the pigs. We’ll realize that little by little they were changing one rule at a time, and in the end we’ll notice that they actually changed everything they once stood for, which was equality (Chapter 2, page 25, 3rd paragraph). Though of course dictatorship outweighed democracy for the part of the pigs, for they had all the benefits, that resulted to treason.

*Citations were based on the book: Animal Farm by George Orwell

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