The Fallen 44

“Man serves the interest of no creature except himself.

I can relate this to the scenario wherein Napoleon, (in the book Animal Farm), overthrows Snowball so that he could be in command of the farm. By this way all the animal’s approval will go to Napoleon since he’s able to kick Snowball out of the picture. Likewise, instead of Officer Espina taking the lead, Officer Purisima made sure that he (Espina) would be kept out of this, so that he (Purisima) can lead the operation (secretly). As to why he did it, no one truly knows, but they assume that since he’d been accused of many crimes before, he wants to redeem his honor.

If we were able to finish the book “Animal Farm” we all know that many animals have died, young and old, foolish and wise, weak and strong, alike. This was due to Napoleon’s selfish desires. Imagine if Snowball was still the leader, I doubt that anything like this will happen. In fact I think the book would have had a happy ending. Likewise, if Officer Purisima kept quiet and dared to mind his own business and let Officer Espina lead the operation himself, (this was because Purisima was suspended from his duties), we highly doubt that those 44 soldiers would have died.

Due to Napoleon’s lustful desires, many animals, and a great horse by the name of Boxer was slaughtered, and due to Purisima’s, 44 great men were massacred.

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