#FlashFiction: Yes

I was 15. He was 16. We’d often talk, if not we’d still be together in the same place, probably reading or just holding our silence. We’d always be together, but we were just friends.

I was 18. He was 19. We had coffee and watched a movie. But he dared not show any physical affection, nor did I. We were just friends.

I was 22. He was 23. I graduated from college and he was there to witness it. My parents invited him for a fine dinner, but he declined. He winked at me and told me to ask my crush instead. But that’s not the main reason. He thinks he’s no one special to me, for we were just friends.

I was 26. He was 27. It had been years since we both got along. But when I saw him in the coffee shop, I felt funny. I felt nervous and unsure of myself. When we were talking, he too was shaking his leg and stuttered while talking. It’s a funny thing though for the both of us to act that way. We were just friends.

I was 32. He was 33. I was married for two years then, and he had a fiancé. My husband was out, I don’t know where he is really, he did not say. So I had time alone and went to the coffee shop. Lo and behold, I saw my friend. He was with his fiancé. When he saw me, his eyes widen to his surprise. I approached the couple and he told his fiancé that I am his… friend.

I was 36. He was 37. My marriage did not work out and I got divorced. Often did he visit me and checked up on me. Often do I wonder why he does. We were just friends.

I was 38. He was 39. I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and I was confined in the hospital. Still, often he’d visit me and even spend the night with me. I never really had such a dedicated friend. Thank goodness that we were friends.

I was 42. He was 43. I was dying and he came up to me. He held my hand, for the very first time. My heart skipped a beat. He looked into my eyes, and I looked into his.
“My fiancé thought it’d be best to break off the engagement between us,” he said. To my surprised I shouted, “why?!” He then said, “she said that she no longer needed me, and someone else needed me more,”
I looked at him and asked, “but who could that be?”
He looked at me, still holding my hand, “you,”
My heart started beating faster, “but why, we are just friends,”
He looked down and shook his head, “maybe to you I was just a friend, but to me, you’re more than that.”
“It has been quite a long time now, but if it is not too late for me to ask, ’till death do us part it is. Will you marry me?”

~ April 7, 2016 (19:44-20:10)- Thursday ~

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