The Mystery Behind Smiles

He was smiling. He looked good because he was smiling, but that was not the only reason why he made my soul dance. Just last night, he was reprimanded again. I felt the weight of the whole world on his shoulders bringing him down as his father was raising his voice at him. He is a lot nicer when he’s in a good mood, but when he isn’t in one, every moment with him seems dragging and melancholic. Although he is not much of an emotional being, his soul has its own way of piercing through mine. His eyes, they glittered this morning although the sun shone bright. His walk made him look like he was being carried by angels by his sides. When he passed by me, he subtly tapped my waist as if I was some delicate being. How could he do that? I asked myself. How could he look and feel so… So calm? He went down and helped out fixing the grade schoolers’ lines. He carried himself with much dignity, with a smile, and with much kindness. He is such a mystery to me; one mystery that I will never be able to solve. How he was able to make his problems fly as if they were just as light as feathers, or how he was able to smile amidst his undesirable situation, I can never comprehend.

She was smiling. She looked gorgeous because she was smiling, but that was not the only reason why she made me feel alive. Just last night, I was reprimanded again. I can sense how she felt the weight of the whole world on my shoulders bringing me down as dad raised his voice at me. It was just very inconsiderate being treated that way. My mood brought her down; it always does. Although I am not an emotional being, my heavy angry demeanor brought her down. She messaged me this morning trying to sound so positive like usual. It was enough to start my day well. Although I still felt how my mood affected her last night, I caught her staring and smiling at me. I passed by her and greeted her with a tender touch by her waist; it couldn’t be helped. Her smile gave radiance to my being. I went down to help fix the grade schoolers’ lines. Again I caught her looking and smiling at me. Why she kept looking and why she kept smiling, I will never know. How she was able to smile that way I will also never know. What I do know is, it is something I will never grow tired looking at, and it was enough to make me smile as well.




~ October10.2016, Monday ~
09:38-10:02; 11:21-11:52; 16:15-16:16


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