DAS: October 14, 2016

October 14, 2016

Dear Altan,

Every time I go to the gym, I would remember last year’s August, how we’d hit the gym together. That was where it all started I guess, you know… you and I. Then August ended, September kicked in, to be followed by October, then November, then our December. Yeah, it was an amazing Star Wars December for the both of us. January all the way to April we went to the gym together just like the previous months. Everything becomes bearable with you, you know. Sometimes the workout would kill me like heck, but I guess doing it with you made me a lot stronger, most likely a psychological effect of course, haha. But like all the other months, April ended, and by May, you were… gone. I had the same passion for working out, mind you, but I guess it was your spirit that was missing; your aura which I longed for. May was a terrible month for me, and it was probably worse for you. June came, then July, as well as August, the mark of a new year. We came up with ways just for you to be able to go back, and so I decided to come up with a fundraiser. Today was supposedly the day that I would buy your artwork so that you could start saving up, but you told me that you didn’t want to give it yet since you still wanted to fix some details. I went to work after we talked about it. I called you a few minutes after I got to work and you told me your dad is taking you out tonight. A few hours later though, you texted me that at 20:30 you’d officially be back in the gym. After around five months of being gone you’re finally… back. I couldn’t believe my eyes while reading your text. It was 19:15 and I went to the gym. As 20:30 was approaching I couldn’t help but keep looking at the gym’s door just to see if you’re there. It was 20:28 when I turned around and saw you. You were as handsome as ever; a grey tank top revealing your big muscular arms, your toned chest, and your handsome back… (And is that a new haircut? It really looks good on you.) Inside me, adrenaline started to kick in. I came up to you wearing a big smile, I couldn’t help but to dance and laugh. Accidentally hitting your dad from behind he said, “He’s officially back starting tonight, one year.” Oh Altan! Did you see all the other members’ faces when they saw you? Excitement was written all over their faces. We all missed you. I must say that there’s just something about you. I know you don’t think so, but you have this way of illuminating a place you walk into, just like how you illuminate my soul.

That light you carry inside you, keep it alit, and don’t ever let it die down.

Whom you make bright,


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