DAS: January 17, 2017

January 13, 2017


Dear Altan,

          I like you a lot… and I know you really like me too. We did not spend a lot of time together today, however, but you surely made my day. I thought we could talk tonight… but when that football event came up (which will be from 8pm to 12am), I couldn’t help but feel funny. I know how much you love football. But I also know how you’d rather spend your time with me tonight if I acted all sad. So you frowned, “I’m going to the football event… is that okay?” I thought for a moment… Dear Lord, but I gave you a genuine smile and asked, “you wanna play right?” You gave me this huge grin and giggled, “yeah!” You were so adorable; you looked like a child who is eager to open his gift on Christmas day. I felt warmth seeping inside me seeing you light up that way. “When’s the last time you played again?” I asked. “Last year… intrams,” you frowned. Then you had to get something. When you were gone, I felt like there was a void in my heart. I wanted you to stay… but I thought it’d be quite selfish. You came back moments after smiling at me and acting all jumpy, “I’m so excited!” You told me while giggling. I can’t help but laugh and feel happy that you are feeling really excited. I knew that if I made you stay you would miss a lot and would not feel this precious joyous feeling. I wanted you to feel that because… I love you. It still kinda makes me feel sad writing this letter, but I surely learned one thing: it feels great to pursue what you love, but it feels greater when the people you love supports you and encourages you to pursue what you love. You shone bright tonight despite the dark sky. First I felt entirely empty, but you lit me up and gave me life.

Tonight isn’t that dark anymore. ✨

Whom you make bright,



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