DAS: February 10, 2017

February 10, 2017

Dear Altan,

                    Today wasn’t entirely good but it was worth experiencing. First my intuition failed me for the first time. The whole entire time I was feeling bad because my gut feeling told me that I’m in trouble, only to find out it was literally nothing. Second of all, many people do not approve of our relationship… I completely understand that they don’t because our main priority right now is to know what we are to do with our lives before settling in with someone else. What I don’t understand however, is how they bug our lives too much. See, I believe that if ever it doesn’t turn out to be us, I am really happy that I experienced what I did with you. Although there were many downs than ups, I learned a lot and I grew. Someday if we do not end up with each other, we both know that you still have a special place in my life, and so do I in yours. The only reason why I am spending my time with you now is because I know we both will be very busy in the future. But even so, I hope my intuition does not fail me this time. I know that you’ll forever be my best friend, and we will be together someday.

Whom you make bright,


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