DAS: February 13, 2017

February 13, 2017

Dear Altan,

            Yesterday was… I dont know. First though I can’t forget how you caught me looking at you through my phone. God you looked so handsome. We were in church yesterday, and we were seated together. An inspiring video was playing on the screen and when I looked down on my phone, it showed me… You. Your eyes were softly lit, it was probably because of the video. Anyway I have been looking at you for quite a time before you caught me. Embarrassing. After service, we went around the mall for a while and visited a bookstore. Thereafter, we went our separate ways. Upon coming home I watched my favorite series. You were having your haircut that time so I was able to watch two episodes. After that, I did my homework and I studied… and watched two more episodes. Things turned bad after that. I asked you how your day was and asked you what you think of taking a haircut together. “I don’t want to wait,” you said with impatience. Shattered. I felt… Shattered. It turned me off. You said sorry though after… Took me a while before I finally accepted your apology. Whatever happened next though was quite unexpected. I asked if you needed space, and you said yes. Well, I didn’t want you to go… Heh. So I made us talk about airplanes. Also we have the same favorite transportation: TRAINS. After that talk we started talking about climate change and how it is very important to me. After talking for nearly an hour you said you saw my fire… Fire? I haven’t felt that for ages. But, yes… I felt it too. There was no one willing to listen to me talk about these matters, but you. Alit. My heart and eyes lit up after a very long time. For a moment I thought I could spend two more decades on my own, but I was wrong. I am a fire who was buried underground, and you are the only spirit courageous and willing enough to burn just to dig me out. I realize that you don’t really make me bright, Altan… So I thought I didn’t need you; we both have our own fire. But I need you because I am handicapped. I need you because you know the potential I have within me and you make me stronger. Thank you, Altan. ✨

Whom you help shine,


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