No Coincidences

There are no coincidences, only God instances.

It was three days before Sunday and her dad told her that they would be attending in the Quezon City (Q.C.) Church instead of the one in Taguig. She felt sad knowing she wouldn’t be able to see Altan, her best friend. They haven’t been in speaking terms lately for they were caught lighting a fire in school— which was strictly prohibited. They admitted it was crazy and stupid, but neither of them regretted the experience. Consequently, however, her parents, his parents, and the school separated them. Altan’s parents were worried that the relationship between both families will slowly melt away, for this act carried much hurt and shame.

It had been almost two weeks since the incident happened, and everyone— his parents and teachers blamed him for this. Luna in the other hand couldn’t bear the thought that the adults placed all the blame on him for she knew it was both their doing that made their undoing. It was Saturday afternoon when she decided to write a letter of apology. Altan’s father always attended first service in the Q.C. Church and so she thought that this was her chance to personally apologize to his parents for what happened. She woke up at 6 AM, even if she normally wakes up at 9 AM every Sunday. She got ready and even over prepared the night before. Luna and her father left at 7:45 AM and she was very nervous. They arrived around 8 AM and she asked the guard if Altan’s father had arrived. The guard said he hasn’t and will inform her when he arrives.

She kept asking every now and then and prayed, “Lord if he doesn’t come today I’ll gather all the courage to visit their house and apologize. But Lord, it would be better if he came today… going to their house is… inconvenient and I’m scared. But, if he doesn’t come here, then it means that’s what you want me to do.” She regret praying that for she realized that he wasn’t coming this Sunday. She let out a sad sigh. “Suck it up fuzzball,” she told herself.

“I thought going to Q.C. would be a coincidence for me to meet his dad. He’s here every Sunday… unless it’s a coincidence that I came here and he didn’t? Well Lord, let your will be done.”

After that, she then knew she was to gather up courage and knock on a door she had never entered before.

~Written on February 26, 2017~


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