Loneliness in Solitude

Dear Altan,

Last night’s dream was unlike any other dream I had been having for the past nights. Every night I’d dream of you, but last night you did not show up.

It started with me walking down the street and some kid was calling my name. When I finally saw the little boy I gave him a warm hug. He was a street kid, but apparently in my dream I felt like we already know each other. This is where it gets serious. He grabbed my necklace— the necklace you gave me two Christmases ago, and I was holding on to it tightly. My mom then came and told the little boy to stop. I thought it was all good until she herself was taking the necklace from me. I remember holding on to it with all I can. I remember crying. I also remember letting the necklace go for I already felt like choking. The moment I let it go, I ran.

I ran away from everyone, hoping someone would run after me and tell me to come back. I kept running and running. Jumping from one brick window to another. Sadly, nobody called out to me anymore. I looked up and the sky was covered with stars. I looked over the last brick window and the view were mountains covered with snow. Without hesitation I jumped and thankfully was alright. It was freezing but I felt so free. In the middle of the cold night I looked up to the dark blue heavens and I felt liberated. Liberated but alone…

I realized that you were in my dream. You were the necklace. You were taken away from me and to some extent I was liberated— had more time for myself since I can no longer spend my time with you.

It felt nice being liberated, but feeling alone…? I wish you were there running after me.


Growing cold and distant,


~ March 7, 2017-Tuesday ~
Photo take from Tumblr @snow-melt







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