Aurora Australis (1/5): Rekindled

A young man in his early thirties was dressed in a business suit. He entered a huge room. It wasn’t just any room however, it was a room that was very spacious. The room was basically empty apart from a few people inside and steps that more or less served as seats for people to sit on for there was a 20 feet tall and 45 feet wide aquarium.

“Grand,” he thought quietly. He couldn’t help but fixate his eyes on the aquarium. A diverse amount of species of plants and animals can be seen. He went closer to it and gasped, “wow.”

“I know right,” agreed the lady beside him. He looked at her and her eyes were fixated on the aquarium. “They’re so beautiful, but the world doesn’t really care,” she continued, still staring deep into the aquarium.

The man noticed that the lady was wearing a plain black dress and wore an ID around her neck. He then assumed that she was one of the staff and might know more about the place. And so, he initiated to continue the conversation.

“Yes they are beautiful,” the man said, “but I must say I know little to no— uhm, species. May you?”

“Oh,” the lady chuckled, “see those seagrasses there? Five out of the seven kinds of seagrasses can only be found here in the Philippines. Oh! And this! Look closely, this is a unique kind of nematode that is very rare and can be found in the northern part of this country.”

“Ah,” the man chuckled and the lady knew he did not really understand a word she said.

It was her turn to chuckle, “what is your purpose for coming here?” She then looked at him and both their eyes glittered.

“What— made you come here?” She stuttered.

“Wanted to see the architecture,” he replied.

“You finally became an architect?” She replied.

“Yes, and a businessman,” he chuckled.

“Congratulations Mr. Nolasco,” she happily said and reached her hand out.



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