Aurora Australis: Aurora Tan

She ran and ran and ran. She didn’t look back. Shame. That’s all she felt.

* . * . *

She’d been helping out a couple of friends for the past years. She was starting to feel that she was being taken advantage of, which was true. Being herself, she can’t help but be supportive and be there for them when they need her.

Her cousin was driving her home one afternoon. He invited her for dinner in his house and she gladly accepted the offer. After dinner, he told her to wait in the living room so that he could bring her home.

“Aurora!” He called her out from his room.

She rushed to him for he sounded in panic. When she entered his room, she couldn’t find him. She checked his bathroom if he was there, then he heard the click of the door lock.

“Oh there you are,” she said, “what’s wrong?”

She went up to him for he looked really sad. He launched at her.

“What are you doing?” She asked in panic for she was pinned down on the floor. She tried to fight him but his built was much bigger than hers. He stripped her clothes off and molested her.

“Stop!” She cried.

She felt too beaten up to move.

When he was done with her, he gave her clothes to put on.

“Let’s bring you home…”

Too frightened to do anything, she followed his lead. The moment he opened the front gate however, she ran and ran and ran. She didn’t look back. Shame. That’s all she felt. So she didn’t bother stopping.
* . * . *

Years after the incident however, she was able to finish a premed course but pursued environmental science. She was proudly doing her rounds one afternoon in the natural museum she built when a man in his early thirties dressed in a business suit approached her.

Although she promised to never give her life to another man, there was this sense of hope that made her feel that this one will be genuine.

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