Aurora Australis (4/5): Windy Afternoon

It was a windy afternoon and Aurora was walking ahead of him. He can’t help but notice how the wind would blow her hair and her fragrance towards him. She turned to him.

“Why is your smile so big?” He asked her.

“Happy 6th anniversary!” She exclaimed.

“Ah haha, you did greet me thrice now,” he smiled, “happy anniversary too, darling.”

She gave him a tight hug.

“You smell so good,” he said.

“You too, Australis.”

He held her hand and they started walking again.

“You don’t seem so happy,” Aurora pouted.

“I am,” Australis assured her.

“Really?” She asked.

“Definitely,” he smiled.

She smiled back and continued walking.

“I am definitely happy, Aurora,” he thought to himself, “and soon, I will propose to you.”

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