Aurora Australis: Australis Nolasco

She was amongst the crowd and he was looking for her. Finally he spotted her in her handmade graduation dress looking stunning as ever.


She looked towards his direction and smiled. She ran and he received her with a hug.

“I wasn’t expecting to see you today,” she said.

“Well, I can’t miss my best friend’s graduation, can I?” He told her.

“How’s first year college, Australis?” She asked.

“Light and exciting,” he said, “you’ll probably love it there.” He smiled.

“I can’t wait to go to college,” she said in so much excitement.


She ended up studying in the same university as his. He’d see her from time to time but he knew that premed courses are tedious, so he never asked her out. After her first year however, he never saw her around the campus again. He never heard from her or any of her friends. He started messing up every now and then and eventually impregnated a classmate of his. His family and friends who were supporting him gave up on him and he was left all alone. He had no money to support himself and so he looked for a job.

One day, Australis was drinking his last cup of coffee when someone from the coffee place offered him a job there. He couldn’t help but accept the offer, and so he started working.

* . * . *

Years after, he was able to finish his architecture course and even pursued business. He visited a natural museum one afternoon to observe its design and structure. He noticed a familiar figure in a black dress. He placed the thought aside for he couldn’t remember who owned that figure. It bothered him though. So he approached the woman who was in front of the aquarium.

6 years later, he decided that he’d propose to her.

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