Aurora Australis (5/5): The Southern Lights

“Really?!” Aurora exclaimed, “OH MY GOD!!!”

She started prancing around the room.

“Aurora,” Australis chuckled, “let’s go get packed. We’re leaving two days from now.”

“Will we go see Hobbiton? Oh my gooood!!!”

“Hehe, come on let’s go out and buy what we need.”


“Hey Australis?”


“You know you’ve been rubbing your chest since a week ago, are you alright?”

“Huh? Oh,” he said as he found his hand, indeed, on his chest, “it’s nothing.”

“Hmm, alright. You’re just nervous huh? You know, just two of us in another country?” She smiled.

“Haha yeah I suppose,” he smiled back.


They were now on their plane headed to New Zealand. Both were very happy and are enjoying each other’s company.

“When will you ever kiss me?” Aurora asked.

Australis’s eyes widened. “Oh,” he blushed.

“I mean it’s been six years… It’s about time…?” Aurora asked.

Without further ado, both leaned forward and was about to kiss when the stewardess passed by to offer them food. Embarrassed, the two parties pulled away. They ate their meal and Aurora fell fast asleep.


On their first day in New Zealand, they visited Hobbiton. Aurora started walking fast and was so excited seeing the actual Hobbiton. She then caught Australis breathing heavily behind her from time to time.

“Am I going to fast?” Aurora asked, “we can slow down a bit… I’m just really excited I suppose. Hehe.”

“Haha,” he laughed, “yes let’s slow down a bit.”
On their second day, they went to Stewart Island and just relaxed in the resort.
On their last night, Australis brought Aurora to the seaside and they lied down quietly on the sand.

“Aurora?” Australis called.

“Yes?” She replied.

“I have to be honest with you that my chest does hurt… But I want to make sure that we get to do this first before anything else.”

“WHAT?” Aurora exclaimed.

“You see this?” Australis asked.

Aurora’s eyes widened as she saw what he pulled out from his pocket. He pointed it up to the sky. “Will you marry me, Aurora?”

“I will.” She said gratefully.

They kissed.

The moment they opened their eyes, the Aurora Australis shone. It was indeed a beautiful night for the both of them.

She was crying on a white bench. A man with a white coat approached her.

“Sorry, he couldn’t make it.”

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