March 18, 2018

March 18, 2018 11:41 AM


Dear Ey-,

I dreamt of you almost a week ago, March 13 to be exact. In my dream we talked like how we did then last February— so open and so natural. In my dream, we were best friends. Later on in my dream however, you ran… quite far away. Daniel, Chiong, and Charlie just looked at me. I told them that I will chase you… for the first time Daniel didn’t stop me, but even somehow encouraged me to. So I did. I ran fast— or at least tried to… for there was this force that was pushing me back but I kept running. I cried because I couldn’t keep up with you, but I kept running. There were people who were in my way that I had to push aside just to reach you. I ran and ran… but you were so far away… as if it was deliberate that you no longer want me to reach you.

For days I tried to analyze this dream but the meaning of it just came to me now: I will keep on opening up my life to you but no matter how much I reach out to you, you will no longer be engaged; you will never really open your life to me anymore. If that’s how you want it though, then what can I do. Nevertheless, I still hope that I bring some color in your life.





P.S. I still believe that this friendship of ours is worth it.