Buwan Ng Wika / Philippine Language Month

Growing up in a school where nationalism (as a Filipino) was installed in all of us students, it was so common to have our cultural festivities in August as it would coincide with the country’s “Buwan ng Wika” (or Language Month, in English). 

Back then it was a month to be enjoyed as we would be hosting events such as storytelling, singing and all sorts to commemorate the Filipino language. But this year’s Buwan ng Wika has personally given itself a little twist.

Two years into my college course, which I take internationally, has given me an opportunity to meet a lot of people from different nationalities. With befriending comes understanding of one’s culture and background which in turn made me appreciate and even adore a variety of cultures. I eventually started exploring singing in their languages as it somehow made me feel more connected with my friends, hence the several song covers I have done lately.

Now that August has once again arrived, for the first time I finally felt its gravity. After months of delving into other people’s cultures, it has dawned on me that it’s once again time to appreciate my own and use this opportunity to even share it with others. With this, I invite you all to have a glimpse of a Philippine classic, the Kundiman.

Buwan ng Wika 2020: Kundiman Medley