#FlashFiction: The Lost Scout Ranger

Aurora and Luna were sitting quietly on the couch one afternoon.

“Mom?” Luna said, breaking the silence.

“Yes?” Aurora replied.

“I wanna be a brave Scout Ranger,” Luna told her mom.

Aurora stopped reading the book she was holding. She looked at Luna and saw herself in her daughter’s eyes; there was a voracious fire. She let out a shakey breath, almost chuckling and maybe feeling proud. She smiled.

“Someday, Luna… One day…”

Luna smiled and continued reading her own book, while Aurora got something from her pocket; something she always bring around… The Scout Ranger badge a Captain, she was supposed to serve, gave her. 

“Luna,” she said.

“Yes, mom?”

“If it’s what you truly feel, don’t let anyone or anything stop you.”

“I won’t mom.”

With that Aurora took a deep breath, closed her eyes and memories from her past played all over again in her head; a supposed Scout Ranger has now become one of the best general surgeon in the country but nothing more. . . 

* . * . *

~ 083117 ~