#RandomThought: Life’s Stupid Game

Opportunity Cost– one of the only economics concept that I truly get, and the only economics concept that I always use because of my endless “what if’s”.

It’s one of my favorite and most hated game.

What if’s gives us the most momentary bliss of what could have been and the very next second a punch in the gut cuz it never happened and it never will.

But it is those very messy doings that have made us who we are now and have made us better. It is because of those painful moments that helped us realize and outgrow our old selves.

It has been done. And what matters is the now and not what could have been.

Be thankful it happened now than later on in life. At least you have been given the chance to prove yourself better than what you have been.

What if, is a trap. It’s life’s stupid game that pulls you into a rabbit hole of nothingness.

Move on and grow and learn how to properly play the game in life.

~ April 9 2019 ~