#Random Thought: I wonder why…

I was doing some “research” and I ended up searching, “How to dislike someone you like”.

Well, first of all, the results were everything that has to do with dealing the people you do not like and how to eventually like them.

Right now… I am stuck with that question. How do you dislike someone you really like…?

Well, we adore the people we love. Ha-ha, yes that sounded so redundant. Though I must say, it is those people whom we love most that we hurt the most, and it is those people whom we love the most that hurts us the most…

I have a friend who is suffering depression due to this. I wanted to help her learn how to dislike a person she loves, for she’s been suffering…

But then as I did start thinking about it… Is this really the only way to remedy depression?

As I write right now, I realize that, no, it is not the only way…

If there are things you are going through with a friend you hold dearest, to let go would be such a waste of time for you’ve already invested so much time just to develop such intimacy. I think that the best remedy to this kind of problem is to simply talk it through with your friend… If not well, time heals. Your friend just probably needed time, and eventually everything will turn out good, if not, better. 🙂

2 thoughts on “#Random Thought: I wonder why…

  1. OK I invite you to visit mine thoughts and maybe it help your friend depression..’open letter to depressed people’.

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